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The 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age

A New age calls for its own words to live by. Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga and spiritual teacher to thousands, shared five principles which he called the Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age. They are as simple and straightforward as they are deep and transcendent.

Sutras are, figuratively and literally, “threads” that string life together. They are words to live by. The yoga sutras of Patanjali have sustained the world over thousands of years in their perfect wisdom. Astrologers have determined that every two thousand years, time moves us backward through the astrological signs, into a new age. In simple language this means that we are completing the age of Pisces and moving into the Age of Aquarius. Each age has it’s own theme, its own axiom.

"These are the five Yogic Sutras of the Aquarian Age given to us by Yogi Bhajan. A sutra is a ‘knot.’ It is a complex spiritual concept reduced to one sentence and later expanded upon by a spiritual teacher. Sutras allowed sacred teachings to be protected from harm (by appearing harmless to conquerors) and were brief enough to be remembered by students in ancient times." -Haribhajan Singh, aka Catalyst Yogi.

The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4.  Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path.

5-Year Themes: The 5 Sutras and Mantras

2013 1st Sutra: Recognize that the Other Person is You.

2014 2nd Sutra: There is a Way through Every Block.

2015 3rd Sutra: When the Time is on You, Start, and the Pressure will be Off.

2016 4th Sutra: Understand through Compassion or You Will Misunderstand the Times.

2017 5th Sutra: Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path. 

The 5 Sutras in Seven Languages

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