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Angelite: A Stone for Gratitude

By Kudrat Kaur

In Gratitude use an Angelite mala. Like many blue stones, Angelite is cooling, calming, soothing and has been said to tip the electromagnetic field in hues of soft blues.

Angelite is stimulating to the Third Eye, the throat and crown chakras, and also works directly on the throat chakra to invoke feelings of gratitude, words of compassion and sweetness.

It brings a sense of calm and relief to the entire area around the throat. It is also soothing to the emotional body and brings a sense of peace and contentment where one can be reminded to live in an attitude of gratitude. 

Mala Meditation

Sit in an easy posture with one hand resting in the lap and the other holding the mala. Begin to rotate each bead towards you. Use the mantra, Healthy am I (one bead), Happy am I (one bead), Holy am I (next bead) and continue. It will surely help you manifest an attitude of gratitude and enhance your meditation.

Mala by Kudrat Kaur Khalsa