March 2013 KundaLiving: Radiant Beauty | 3HO International

March 2013 KundaLiving: Radiant Beauty

Beauty is a natural state. It is not a concoction that you find in a bottle on a shelf. It is the natural result of living a healthy and mentally balanced life. When the body is cared for properly, physical beauty and radiance comes easily. Like a well-watered flower in bloom, the body enjoys its own vitality and attractiveness.

Beauty, however, is not just an outer phenomenon. It is an inner one, as well. The beauty of the soul, the beauty of a conscious personality, the beauty of a peaceful mind—all of these beauties are there to share and enjoy.

How do you relate to beauty?

Do you feel insecure about how you look?

Do you think that happiness only comes to people who have the “right” shape or the “right” face?

Can you trust that your radiance makes you beautiful?

Do you believe that having a beautiful heart and a beautiful spirit is what creates beauty?

The 3HO lifestyle offers a very different window into the world of beauty. This month, enjoy and explore how Kundalini Yoga, meditation and lifestyle changes can help you care for your physical body, and give a chance for your inner light to shine.

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