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Divine Birth

Review by Ramdesh Kaur, presented by SpiritVoyage.com

Everything living thing on the Earth shares this: we all have a mother.  Even the little oak sprouts coming up this spring were acorns dropped by their mother trees last year.  Snatam Kaur’s new album “Divine Birth” is designed to support women during and after pregnancy, helping them to live up to their own destiny as a mother, and supporting the development of the new life growing inside her, whether it be inside her womb or later on inside her heart.

This CD creates an energy field that is almost a living, breathing thing.  It creates a space so dedicated to nurturing new life, so sincere in its authentic sacredness, that it emerges from the Adi Shakti, the Divine Feminine, as channeled by the lovely Snatam Kaur.

Snatam is your midwife, singing mantras and shabads (holy Sikh prayers) to elevate the consciousness of you and your children and to hold your hand as you navigate the scary waters of childbirth.  She’s been there.  She’s done it.  She’ll help you through it, too.

Snatam and her mother Prabhu Nam Kaur, a soulful singer in her own right, unite on this album to sing prayers to Snatam’s little girl and also to your children, whether born or unborn, to help them live up to their highest Divine potential.  Snatam and Prabhu Nam last sang together on their duet album “Mother’s Blessing,” where the deep love between them was first apparent to their audience.  It feels stronger here, as if the continuing cycle of life has brought them even closer together, now that Snatam herself is a mother and knows that every beat of a mother’s heart is a prayer for her child.

The opening track, Poota Maataa Kee Aasees, contains a shabad written by the fifth Sikh guru, Guru Arjan.  This shabad is a blessing from a mother to a child, that he or she might feel their own Divinity.  Snatam and her husband chanted this eleven times a day when she was pregnant with her daughter, Jap Preet Kaur.  Snatam will tell you that it creates an energy of contentment and peace between Jap Preet and herself.  Some will recognize the words from Snatam’s song Mother’s Blessing from the album “Liberation’s Door,” but the arrangement here is very different.  It is soothing and simple, gentle and soul stirring.  Snatam’s vocals are clear and high, lifting your consciousness higher and higher, allowing you to protect your child with this powerful blessing.  The translation of the words includes, “Oh my child, this is your mother’s blessing.  May you never forget God, even for a moment…May love be yours and may your hopes be fulfilled. May you never be worn by worry.”  It is a sweet expression of a mother’s deepest desire for her children, carefully carried upon the voice of a mother whose love for her own child cannot be doubted.

Of the second track, Janmiaa Pooth, Snatam writes, Yogi Bhajan taught us to recite this Shabad eleven times every day before the 120th day of pregnancy.  He said it will attract a saintly soul.  My husband and I recited it before and after the 120th day, and I felt that it guided me through pregnancy and the birthing process. This Shabad teaches that this soul inside you is a gift from God and Guru, and truly is Divine.  While reciting it, I was able to drop many fears that I had about birthing, and also relate to the Divinity of my daughter's soul.  This was a beautiful and absolutely important step for me in becoming a mother.  And for those that don't have children, this is a beautiful meditation for all souls coming to this Earth, that they may have the energy and frequency to bring us into harmony and divinity.”The smoothness of the melody is comforting and soothing and Snatam’s liquid voice smoothes the wrinkles of your consciousness that form anxieties.  The song splits off from the shabad to embrace hypnotic harmonies of mantras such as Gobinda, Gobinday Mukunday, and Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru.  You can sing this song even if you don’t have children, in order to meditate for all souls coming to the world.  The swelling music feels like a song of welcoming and joy for all humanity, like a homecoming song to souls you’ve loved before.

On the third track Snatam honors the Divine Mother, the Adi Shakti, who gave birth to all life.  This meditation will give you fearlessness during delivery, allowing you to approach the task at hand with grace and courage, as a true Kaur (princess).   This recording is perfect for an 11-minute meditation, which should be sung with all the power of the Divine Feminine within.  Some may recognize this song from her CD for children “Feeling Good Today” (minus the children’s voices).  Use the recording on “Divine Birth” for fearlessness before labor and then after your child is born you can use her recording on “Feeling Good Today” to help your children conquer their own fears.

A beautiful lullaby that was used by Yogi Bhajan during many yoga classes rounds out her offerings for the new soul.  This sweet song invokes the gifts and qualities of each of the ten Sikh Gurus.  You can imagine your child sleeping in your womb or in their bed and visualize the energies of these enlightened souls coming and placing a gift into their hearts, one after the other.  It’s easy to feel their blessings, even as an adult, for we are really all children in the eyes of the Divine and their blessings are freely given to us as well.

“Divine Birth” also includes recitations of  Poota Maataa Kee Aasees and Janmiaa Pooth for those who might want to make it a meditation practice to recite these powerful mantras for their children.  It can be a daunting task to recite in Gurmukhi for the beginner, but Snatam’s clear and sure voice will guide you and support you in your powerful prayers.

This CD holds the tools to make pregnancy and childbirth a blessed experience for mother, father, and baby.  But it also provides an avenue laid with the touchstone of prayer on which you can walk the path to rebirth your own Divine Self.  It is never too late or too early to start a more Divine life or to have a more “Divine Birth.”

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