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The Gift of Trauma

By Satya Kaur

Trauma can be defined as a state in which our normal capacity to navigate and respond appropriately is overwhelmed. Then we will seek coping mechanisms because we do not know what to do. We become numb with the accumulated tension and we leave the state of presence in which we experience our wholeness.

As yogis, we understand that as we incarnate into our bodies, we choose the parents and environments to provide the life lessons that are not yet completed from past lives. And these life lessons, which often manifest quite early in life, are mostly delivered as traumas. In our journey through life, we live with these trauma-based life lessons and develop addictive patterns to cope with the overwhelm, the trauma, the non-presence.

As we are invited to engage in self-healing, and we accept the invitation, we are guided through a process of transformation to a new experience of our self, our life, and our path.

So, while trauma is an extremely uncomfortable state, it is also a gateway to transformation. Overwhelm invites us to step into a new reality. It brings us, in our deep need, to the committed and consistent use of the tools that will best serve us, such as the practice of yoga and meditation, mindfulness, and conscious awareness of what we choose to receive and transmit at any level.

We are guided to the people and information that will help us move through the anchored emotions and neuro-endocrine patterning to that new reality. By focusing our energy to know our self, we learn to recognize the patterns and mental and physical messaging that inform us we have moved out of self.

Pranayam, the science of conscious breathing, is one of the most powerful yogic practices for transforming trauma. Learn how the different types and rhythms of breath affect the brain, and practice them when you find what serves you best. Practice consistently, daily, even hourly, so that when the trauma state occurs, the breath automatically will come to take you through it. When you practice a meditation that uses that breath, you will have the strength of the breath, the mudra, the mantra, the asana.

We are birthing ourselves into the Aquarian Age and the birth process is always traumatic (and awesome and incredible). We have been praying for this, for ourselves, and for the world that can be. So let’s help each other to relax and enjoy this amazing journey, using and sharing all of the remarkable tools and resources with which we have been gifted.

Satya Kaur Khalsa  serves Guru Ram Das using the healing modalities of NMT (NeuroModulation Technique), yogic lifestyle and her own experience to deliver people all over the world to their self healing.