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Numerology for July 2019: Vision, Practice, Purpose

By Nam Hari Kaur

We have crossed the mid-point of the year, and we are now considering what works for the best in our lives, and what must be left behind. The number 7 of July addresses the issues of personal space, trust, cleansing, and contemplating our path into the future.   

Many people are experiencing a sense of “unusual times,” where things don’t feel the way they used to feel. This is a silent epidemic and it is sometimes difficult to communicate the feeling of being “off” or out of sync with our previous sense of normalcy.

The number 7 represents the voice, speaking, and singing, so trading notes with others who you feel on par with can help to relieve the sense of isolation that can come from keeping it all bottled up inside. Seven is also the Water Element, so sometimes a good cry is in order to get the hurt out of your system.

Seven always grants us a bit of a “time out,” a time to slow down and reconsider all our options. It is important to give yourself extra breathing room now, as there is an inherent luckiness in the air for those who allow themselves to explore the creativity of their grand imaginings.

Yes, based on the numbers we have an 8 in the Heart calculation, via lucky number 17! (Heart is month of 7 + Gift of 10 = 17.) Eight is a robust number in the Heart calculation, full of life and ready for the next great adventure! We will find ourselves wanting to mix-it-up with the energy of the day, as well as thinking of lifestyle changes that will enhance our overall health and well-being. This is a great month for a spiritual retreat, music festival, hot springs venture, or anything where you feel supported by nature and good company.

Number 7 creates a yearning for knowledge, wisdom, and insight into the answers that will turn us free from the monotony of the “same old same old.” Nearly everyone is looking for some dimension of higher ground in their life, whether it be through a new location, relationship, career, or simply a more satisfying sense of being at ease with the external environments.

The restlessness can be a good thing, as it motivates us to look outside the box of normalcy and routine. Also important is the need to make decisions in measured steps, thereby securing the fortune. A brilliant technique for this is to do the Magnificent Mantra meditation for 11 minutes a day. Yogi Bhajan said,

"This mantra brings prosperity and happiness, and saves us from calamities. It is a sound current which brings a shield and good luck, and removes discomfort and disease. It is the key to the doorway of self-elevation."

This practice is a good way to guide your dreams into practical reality. In July we need a filter and a flow for our best laid plans. Working from a higher frequency allows the power of the Universe to naturally filter out what isn’t appropriate, and guide us within the flow of Divine Alignment.

As we are approaching the calendar year of 2020, there is already a signal being sent—a frequency of spiritual longing that is bursting at the seams as it says, “I want the real deal, I can’t do it the old way anymore!” We are presently being prepared for this dynamic new time on planet Earth, and when I say “prepared,” I mean that anywhere we were previously willing to diminish ourselves for another, that will no longer be acceptable.

2020 brings shifts to the planet in leaps and bounds, so now is a good time to create a base—a foundation of simple food, yogic practice, nature retreats, and kinship with like-minded individuals.

Oh, and by the way, July 2019 holds potential for new love interests, as I know so many of you are looking! However, if it doesn’t happen this year not to worry, as next year brings a great deal of connectivity for all thing bright and happy. The presence of the double 2’s in the calendar year (2020) brings a time of harmony and alignment to those who have done their spiritual homework this year.

I have said it before, and it is worth repeating again; you are not going to get the “shiny new penny” experience if you are operating from the same old rusty mechanics of what has been. This is tough, and quite tough for some people to hear, yet it is really the only game in town.

July is a time to consider where your vision, practice and sense of purpose may have been off, and look towards where you can bring harmony and elevation to the present moment.

This process can perfectly position you for August, which brings a highly auspicious time of right alignment on the planet. August has much to do with issues of power, and if you would like to have the perfect summertime read, I would recommend the book, “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene. Even if you are not a reading enthusiast you can enjoy this book, as each chapter is only 3 to 4 pages long. The author goes through historical examples illustrating the gain and loss of power, and how people can use power effectively. It is highly entertaining and insightful, and I personally have learned a great deal from it.

Many people who I have been speaking with lately have been expressing exactly the same sentiment, and that sentiment is, “I just don’t feel like I’m really where I would expect to be at this point in my life, and I feel sad about that.” This sense of having “missed the mark” is creating a subliminal depression in many people’s psyche, and that is not good.

Most important is to release yourself from the shackles of judgement and criticism that you are imposing on yourself, and adopt a neutral stance. Next is to bring a higher frequency into your psyche through a spiritual practice (as in this month’s meditation).

Furthermore, we are presently in times where no one is going to make it on their own. Seek out some form of community through congregation, sports, fitness center (gym), Audubon Society, Sierra Club, quilting circle, monthly potluck dinner, or anything that gets you out of your rut and socializing with others. You have no idea how many people are hurting on the inside, just like you. I clearly see this because of the many people who ask for my help.

There is always a way, and through our elevated creative psyche we create the way and connect with our kindred spirits.

May the hand of the Divine guide and bless you, and bring you all the comfort and joy of the happy life you were born to live. Sat Nam.

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