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Numerology Forecast for September 2019: Deep Inner Knowing

By Nam Hari Kaur

We move now into a season of new opportunities, tempered by our ability to refine a vision of the most exquisitely excellent future possible. Within the collective psyche we are presently longing for a greater spiritual intimacy, and the “keeper of mysteries,” the number 9, holds the promise and potential of these dreams!

The number 9 of September embodies the themes of higher vision, refinement, precision, and the domain of a deep inner knowingness which can guide us through all circumstances.

Part of this “knowingness” can be in the area of completion, where we let go of something that has proven to be an emotional illusion or loss of energy. As we let go of that which is not in alignment with our best possible life, space emerges for a special brand of divinely synchronistic magic.

Yes, number 9 is the realm of magic and mystery, yet “magic” is often a misunderstood word.

I am using it in the context of the Subtle Body, which is above time and space, and has the ability to sense and know things without linear information. A strong Subtle Body will allow you to know friend from foe, truth or lie, and the ability to read between the lines and sense the energetic space of another human being.

While I was recently surfing Youtube, I came upon one of the most powerful 3 minutes of dialogue I have ever heard in my entire life. It is from an interview with James Taylor, where he speaks of a difficult time in the early years before he became rich and famous. This video clip shows the power of his father’s subtle awareness, and how precise action at a critical moment is all the difference between someone slipping away, or having a chance at a brilliant destiny. Well worth watching.

Queuing up first to the high notes of September, we have a brimming playlist of lucky days! The dates of the 6th, 7th, 8th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 24th, 25th, and 26th all hold a special kind of magic for new ventures of a personally inspired nature. It can be as simple as starting a 40 day meditation, drinking celery juice for cleansing, or affirming to yourself everyday:

“I now live within the presence and creative force of my spiritual destiny; all is well with me.”

Number 9 is the domain of mastery, and sometimes we can feel a bit put-off by owning that concept for ourselves. Good news: don’t be! All the Saints and Sages started from somewhere, and it wasn’t at the top. 

Once upon a time in New Mexico when Yogi Bhajan was teaching class, he posed the question, “What is the first sign of a Saint?” Many people boldly ventured an answer, until he simply replied, “The first sign of a Saint is that he or she is original.”I thought this was a brilliant definition, as it defies our usual constraints of “holiness.”

So, now that we know that our personal mastery and subtle excellence rests in the land of being original, let’s get some support for that! Practicing the Experience the Original You” meditation will give you the ability to know the right course of action through all circumstances—as in the right course of action for you—and not the ghosts of projected guilt or manipulation. We all hear these echos sometimes, often from our childhood programming. Delete that, and refresh with the magic you were born to live and express.

Now that we are emitting a frequency that holds the essence of our original spirit, it is good to know that September is a season of time where there is great potential for new relationships.

If you’re single, spiffy-up your sunshine smile and declare that, “The clear-as-a-bell original me will be seen and heard by the appreciative you!” Always keep your wits about you with a gentle filter (no re-runs!), all the while knowing the Angelic realm is working overtime to help people meet their destiny partners.

We are steadily in preparation for a great consciousness shift on the planet in 2020, and this shift must be taken in measured strides. The information buzz of the right people, location, occupation, and other important life themes are all in the mix now, like busy bees cross-pollenating the essence of what needs to be known.

Your gentle awareness is the greatest lead-in to this higher frequency, which in turn is supported by your spiritual practice. We need to move past the mere intellectual understanding of an idea, into the sensory experience of inner knowingness. This is the gift of the number 9, and this gift can be yours to enjoy and cherish.

As a footnote to all this, I feel inspired to tell you that I am always listening to mantra music while writing these forecasts. If I ever feel stuck at some point, I glance over at the meditation photo of Yogi Bhajan and say, “What do you think, Sir?” Often I will ask the guardians of the ethereal realm, “What will best help them?”

My point is, nobody makes it through this world on their own. Nobody’s that smart, got that much money, or is that good-looking (but I’m working on that one!).

Now is the time to allow the longing of your Soul to gently guide you on the protected path the Angels have prepared for you, all the while trusting and knowing in the goodness of your original self. Sat Nam.

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