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Nom Spirituel - Cartes de Destinée


Your spiritual name destiny card serves as a reminder of the inner sound current (naad) and meaning of your name and its power to deliver you to your highest destiny. Each card includes a beautiful background design, overlayed with your name and its meaning.

With each order you will receive two versions: a digital image for use on your computer, to share on social media or to add to your email signature, and a printable version to put on your altar or to use as an uplifting art piece. The cost of each card is (USD) $30,00.

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Destiny Cards can be ordered for people who have requested a spiritual name through the 3HO Spiritual Names Office, or who have already received one. If you have NOT already requested a spiritual name, CLICK HERE.

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La deuxième partie de chaque nom spirituel est "Singh" pour les hommes et "Kaur" pour les femmes, une tradition qui date d'avant notre prise de conscience de l'éventail des genres. Chaque personne peut choisir le deuxième nom qu'elle préfère, le cas échéant.

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Please note that we are continually revising the meanings of names for the purpose of clarity and accuracy. Therefore, the meaning of your name on your Destiny Card may not exactly match the wording in your name letter.
The meaning of your spiritual name will be printed on your destiny card in this language.

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Click the images below to view a larger version and description of each card. You can order multiple cards for a spiritual name by selecting more than one card.


L'éléphant représente la bonne fortune, la noblesse, la confiance, l'engagement et la force incroyable de surmonter tous les obstacles et les barrières de la vie. Doté d'une nature profondément compatissante et patiente, il montre qu'en se soutenant et en s'aimant les uns les autres, notre propre capacité à prospérer est profondément renforcée. Il nous aide à nous rappeler les beaux souvenirs oubliés depuis longtemps et les raisons de vivre. L'éléphant a de grands rêves à partager, ce qui permet à l'esprit d'explorer de nouvelles avenues et de nouvelles possibilités. En tant qu'être spirituel, il est porteur de messages de transformation signifiant l'émergence de notre moi le plus élevé.

Guru Ram Das is loved and revered as an embodiment of compassion, humility, integrity and service. A master of the neutral mind, he was known for his extraordinary gift of healing. Recognized as the “Lord of Miracles,” when calling on him, many find that their prayers are answered.

With its roots in the mud of the world, the magnificent lotus flower rises above the water's surface and awakens and blossoms in the loving rays of the warm sun. A universal symbol of enlightenment, the lotus is the very image of a spiritual life. It mirrors the opened crown chakra or energy center through which we experience Oneness.

Kwan Yin is the embodiment of the Great Mother goddess. In her hands she holds a vessel filled with the nectar of healing and kindness. Encompassing all religions and spiritual paths, her compassion illuminates the whole world. Around her the wheel of mantra revolves infinitely. The ancient Chinese revered the orchids surrounding her as "Lan Hua," the epitome of human perfection. Within her nobility, strength and grace lies a heart filled with the purest love.

The Golden Temple is surrounded by a nectarial tank of water, which has been infused with a powerful vibration of healing energy. Built half of white marble and half of gold, its four doors are open in all four directions. Symbolizing universality and the union of opposites – the sun and moon, male and female – it embodies the elevated frequency and energy of the Aquarian Age, the age of conscious connection, truth, and unity.

Yogi Bhajan's life, light and journey was to uplift humanity by sharing his timeless teachings with all. He worked to create unity among people of every faith and belief. Although he left his physical body in 2004, his presence, spirit, and legacy continue to touch the lives of all those who knew him and all those who learn of his teachings.

Everyone requires an "ISHT" in order to live as a human being. Your Isht is the place where you bow your head and surrender your ego to something higher than yourself. The prayer carpet, scattered marigold petals and mala (rosary) signify devotion, reverence and remembrance of our True Identity as spiritual beings.

There is a reason doves come in pairs: they mate for life, and so stand for love and faithfulness. But doves have a deeper meaning as well. Pure and unbound by the earth, doves are a symbol of the living spirit... the luminous presence within all things. When we experience this spirit within everything in each moment, then we connect to our shunia, the inner source of the deep, infinite peace, that passes all understanding. In this way, doves have become a well-known peace symbol.